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Whether by photocatalysis, microfiltration or the combination of both techniques, our concern is to offer our customers solutions that guarantee an improvement in frying cooking processes and measurable savings.

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After an assessment of your needs, we will be able to offer you a free trial period of the selected systems to allow you to verify the veracity of the announced savings and taste improvement of food. We guarantee you an effective professional approach, attentive to your needs, and we make a point of honor to organize a fast and reliable after sales service.

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Satisfied customers of our products

« Before, I filtered my fryer oils with a cone or a paper filter. The filtration was poor and I did not feel comfortable handling hot oil. Since we’ve been using your QF microfiltration system, employees are happy and feel safe. In addition, microfiltrations at 0.5 micron increase the life of my frying baths by 50% »

Éric Robidoux

Executive Chef
Hôtel Sheraton, Laval

« I have been using Qualifrit microfilters and magnesium silicate for more than six months. My cooking oil changes have been extended from 7 to 13 days, with no compromise or change to flavour or quality. ».

Jacques Veilleux

General Manager and Partner
Scores / Boul. Des Forges, Trois-Rivières

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