Absorbent Solutions


It is economical in the sense that it only needs to be used half as much as with other systems, our absorbent solutions cleans your oil and reduces the amount of free fatty acids in it. The lingering taste of other foods cooked in the same oil (example: seafood and French fries) will be completely eliminated.


Clean your oil

Non-volatile, our powder will easily double the lifetime of your oil. It works perfectly with our Qualifrit mechanical filters and our QF30 & QF50 microfiltration systems. (also effective with integrated systems).


Reduces the total polar compounds (TPC)

Reduces viscosity (higher viscosity leads to surface foam and disagreeable odors; oil becomes thicker and clings to foods)


Sold in bulk or in bags of 8 ounces


Economy of more than 75% of cooking oil


Reduces free fatty acids (FFA)


Eliminates the lingering taste of other foods cooked in the same oil (example: seafood and French fries)

Customer Testimonials

Satisfied by Qualifrit’s products

« Before, I filtered my fryer oils with a cone or a paper filter. The filtration was poor and I did not feel comfortable handling hot oil. Since we’ve been using your QF microfiltration system, employees are happy and feel safe. In addition, microfiltrations at 0.5 micron increase the life of my frying baths by 50% »

Éric Robidoux

Executive Chef
Hôtel Sheraton, Laval

« I have been using Qualifrit microfilters and magnesium silicate for more than six months. My cooking oil changes have been extended from 7 to 13 days, with no compromise or change to flavour or quality. ».

Jacques Veilleux

General Manager and Partner
Scores / Boul. Des Forges, Trois-Rivières

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