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Who are we?

Innovative processes for light and crispy frying. Our expertise enables everyone to maintain the quality of oil, so meanwhile the quality of fried foods. Our solutions give generous saving to ours customers as well as improving safety in the kitchen. We can combine with other solutions in order to optimize the results.

Sustainable economy

Innovation in processes of healthy frying!

​Whether by photocatalysis, microfiltration or the combination of both techniques, our concern is to offer our customers solutions that guarantee an improvement in frying cooking processes and measurable savings. Being constantly listening to the professionals of catering, we know how to adapt our techniques to the specific needs of particular situations and we accompany our customers throughout the implementation of these new procedures.

Healthy frying

We all know that the restaurant market is booming and the consumption of cooking oil worldwide is huge. That’s more than 11 billion kilograms of oils that are used and subsequently buried in our soils annually. Qualifrit has the power as well as products that save more than half of that consumption, while offering much healthier fried products. The production of oils leaves a significant ecological footprint and harmful to the environment. Qualifrit as well as these leaders aim to limit this footprint left by the consumption of cooking oils.

Join forces

The company created in 2018 was the result of several years of research and development. Founded by Mr.Patrick Carrier (President) and Mr.Mario Turcotte (Vice-President), these two entrepreneurs have united their respective strengths and experiences to enable the growth of the company at the International level.

The company stands out for its proactivity and innovation in terms of filtration of cooking oils. In 2019, they filed worldwide patents on the revolutionary new product (ECO-FRIT), which has been the subject of several years of research. With an almost infinite capacity of production, Qualifrit is able to conquer the biggest world markets of the restoration.
Since the progression is lightning, great players of this world equip their franchises equipments Qualifrit. Possibly one of the only companies in the equipment market that can boast such a quick return on investment, restaurant owners have everything to gain from us.

Customer Testimonials

Satisfied customers of our products

« Before, I filtered my fryer oils with a cone or a paper filter. The filtration was poor and I did not feel comfortable handling hot oil. Since we’ve been using your QF microfiltration system, employees are happy and feel safe. In addition, microfiltrations at 0.5 micron increase the life of my frying baths by 50% »

Éric Robidoux

Executive Chef
Hôtel Sheraton, Laval

« I have been using Qualifrit microfilters and magnesium silicate for more than six months. My cooking oil changes have been extended from 7 to 13 days, with no compromise or change to flavour or quality. ».

Jacques Veilleux

General Manager and Partner
Scores / Boul. Des Forges, Trois-Rivières

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