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A specialist in innovative deep-frying processes, Qualifrit has done business in Quebec since 2010.
We are experts in creating systems that maintain optimum deep-frying conditions while guaranteeing our customers significant savings and foods that are light and succulent. Our inventive solutions can also be combined to optimize results. Whether providing photocatalyst or microfiltration systems or a combination of both techniques, we make it our priority to recommend solutions to our customers that assure them of improved deep-frying processes and measurable savings.
Because we maintain close ties to restaurant and food service professionals, we are able to adapt our techniques to specific situations, and we guide our clientele throughout the implementation of these new processes. Following an in-depth assessment of your needs, we will offer you a free trial of our systems to enable you to verify the actual savings available and the improvements you can make to your menu items. Our approach is professional and based on listening to what you say, and we pride ourselves on our fast and reliable after-sales service.
Qualifrit puts its customers first